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      <p ns="0" title="Movement" snippet="...ow and that is very exciting!  I tried to treat her as if she were normal, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; that I learned to read her tiniest expression to know what she was thinking&#10;" size="12354" wordcount="2001" timestamp="2008-08-27T17:59:10Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="PWS stories" snippet="...e at 7 weeks old because (despite what the doctors said about his low tone &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; he would leave it alone!) he got frustrated with the NG tube and kept pulli&#10;" size="51590" wordcount="9116" timestamp="2010-01-31T03:02:29Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="New Generation" snippet="Some people hesitate to use the &amp;quot;c&amp;quot; word because the only &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; it has been given is one that seems unrealistic.  I&#039;m neither a scientist o&#10;" size="11177" wordcount="2055" timestamp="2007-12-04T21:35:42Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Ginger/Digestion" snippet="I have been &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; to write about Ginger and all the things I have found out. My mom has colit&#10;" size="3253" wordcount="551" timestamp="2019-06-10T12:59:29Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Hypoglycemia" snippet="increase in insulin levels (&amp;quot;functional&amp;quot; &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; there isn&#039;t an actual &#10;" size="6719" wordcount="1054" timestamp="2006-12-11T15:41:46Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Segev" snippet="In addition, I think he eats worse, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; his bottle feeding take longer, and sometimes he don&#039;t want to bottle feed.&#10;in the past few days, Segev started showing interest in food, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt;, I think Segev wasn&#039;t aware that food is something essential, and ate willi&#10;" size="16462" wordcount="2853" timestamp="2020-10-24T09:30:34Z" />