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Greenspan's The Child With Special Needs, because our kids are at risk for Asperger syndrome.

Chansky's Freeing Your Child from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder because our kids are at risk for OCD.

Kranowitz's The Out-of-Sync Child, because our kids are at risk for sensory integration disorders.

Sometimes I feel that I am in some weird science fiction movie. I have this beautiful happy baby who is a bit delayed, but not much, and in my hand is a piece of paper that says: Warning - your baby is at risk for: - obesity - Aspergers - OCD - mental retardation - sensory integration disorder - anger issues - the list goes on

So, I take my little list and proactively treat all of these things even though I look in my beautiful baby's eyes and for the life of me don't see those things lurking back there ready to explode out. What a strange world we live in...