Nonverbal Learning Disorder

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One Parent's Story

Two years ago the school psychologist came back with his report and a Right Hemisphere syndrome label, more commonly known as Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD). After a bit of reading on the net and a few books from Amazon, there are traits PWS some amazing similarities between PWS, NLD and to some degree Aspergers Syndrome. In my son’s case especially the positive traits incredible auditory and rote memory skills and the fact he learned to read books with me in kindergarden by memorizing whole words. And many of the negative social inabilities and problems regarding abstract reasoning.

I have not found any magic bullet type solutions by reading about NLD, they advocate many of the same things as PWS (i.e. Structure and more structure, teaching social skills etc ….…)

In many ways I think that if you strip the food and energy issues out of a PWS kid you would have a NLD kid.

Just wondering if any one else has any experience with this?

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home: A Parent's Guide (Paperback) by Pamela Tanguay,

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at School: Educating Students with NLD, Asperger Syndrome and Related Conditions (Paperback) by Pamela B. Tanguay,

Bridging the Gap: Raising a Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorder (Paperback) by Rondalyn Varney Whitney

And Another

We keep getting testing scores that show incredible skills in literacy/language arts, but a significant gap between that and math. Her reading scores have gone as high as 17.5 years while her math is more in the 9 year-old range. (She's 10.5 yo.) That's consistent w/NLD.

Erin is a lot like what you have described with your son in regards to food. We don't lock our kitchen, either. Although she is very interested in food, she has never even tried to take food, and she cooks with her dad (the chef).